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Third generation

Kosho Nemoto



Kosho Nemoto is a glass artist and the third generation of the "Edo-Kiriko" Nemoto Glass Crafts. His inherent passion to create bond many of Japan's most gifted traditional artisanship, shaping some of today's finest "Edo-Kiriko", elevating a cultural presence as traditionally developed modern art. Kosho tirelessly engraves beauty as intricacy, as balance onto Japan's renowed crystal glasses, lighting the universe with the simplicity and depth of one's power to build his adorations, believing "Beauty lies in the sorrowfulness of man."

Sacred fire, large bowl



To deliver a beautiful story to owners, Kosho gathers inspiration from the nature, cultures of Japan and histories of the craft onto the finest quality crystal glass. engraving with creativity, unrivaled discipline and concentration. Appreciating that all procedures are irreversible expression of artistry, every of his creations exceed the previous, taking on a tradition as today's art, as a story to celebrate for tomorrow.



Bold intentions, delicately woven philosophy, and an unequaled passion for the connection of humanity and art. Kosho's work crystallizes the signals through his physical and cultural approaches to exhibit his desire for expressiveness, with sophistication reached by knowledge and techniques tracing the practice of glass art and Japanese history.

Peacock, dual Sake set



Living alongside fire and water.


They are what nature creates

what occasionally takes love away.

Living, feeling the alongside breathing.

The excellence of Art

is the simplicity of coexisting with nature.


Material:Crystal glass


Dimensions (App.):

h. 200 x dia. 350mm


Sacred fire

Large bowl

Sacred Fire

Large bowl