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Bridging beautiful past and future essences of mankind, the Eternally collection embraces life, nature and artistry to express of

hidden wonders of the East.


Extending identities of Japanese

Edo-Kiriko, cultural art onto metaverse today, we together shape the intricate connectivity of an artistic society of tomorrow.

Technology & Tradition

Yukio, the first generation pioneered some of the earliest of Japan's first electric mechanical grinders, which are still commonly used in the manufacture of Edo-Kiriko today. Maintaining such machinery in prestine condition is only a small portion of our efforts to continue Yukio's inventive spirit beyond.

Tradition reminds us that progressing in a timeless manner may be the only way to build on one's accomplishments from the previous day. Kosho's techniques much surpass conventional workmanship in terms of detail. The narrowest cut on a Luxury model can be as little as 0.3mm wide. Attaining such high precision takes weeks, if not years of unbroken focus. Outlasting his own endurance with each creation, his works illuminate the radiance found only deep within, reflected through the simplest movement of irreversible straight and curved lines.

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Owner exclusive

Owning art from NGCWorld means owning a piece of Japanese history, knowing, engaging with, and bringing rare, fascinating cultures into a future with more opportunities to extend their values. We reach out to the most beautiful histories and communicate with fundamental cultural values that are truly worth passing down to future generations, in what we call a heritage project.

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Treasured Scarcity

With only a dozen authentic craftsmen practicing Edo-Kiriko creation in Japan today, our tradition is undergoing transformation, putting the craft's future inheritance under challenge. The project promotes and emphasizes the importance of cornifying, knowing, and noticing, as well as collaborating as a decentralized Web3 community to engage in global learning, evaluation and appreciation of locally outstanding cultural art and expressions.


NGCWorld continue to engrave thousands of years of Japanese aesthetic onto the highest-quality crystal glasses. Our project follows a straightforward historical path of art that connects the eastern and western ethics, cherishing the shared traits and identities of ancestral cultures, in expressive reflection of the most beautiful world we once saw. Edo-Kiriko has been cultivated in Japan since the 1800s, and today we introduce our rare, perfectly shining handmade art to share a new light with the metaverse.

Project roadmap | Whitepaper

the brand


We hope you enjoy your stay and that we have shared the first rays of our passion to upcoming creation and communication. As the project progresses, we will be introducing additional features, highlights and news to keep you updated on our actions as well as the secret behind Japanese traditions.

Beyond the NFT projects, NGCWorld showcases the masterpieces of the three generations of Nemoto Glass Crafts in each artisan page, marking our first global release. Welcome to NGCWorld.


the community


With a vibrant, reliable, and caring community, we can together better the future of art.


Join us to discuss about art, receive exclusive reports and information only available on our Discord, have fun with a web3.0 ready worldwide community.

live updates on


Our art, events, creations, and sneak peeks are all updated live on Twitter.

We plan to hold TwitterSpaces interactive sessions whenever we reach a major milestone in the near future, to share our joy and the learnings through exploring future possibilities of traditional crafts from modern perspectives.



Eternally is the genesis of NGCWorld's NFT collection consisting of two unique digital arts each with ownership of physical Edo-Kiriko created by Kosho Nemoto. To be released on Opensea, with seasonal collection updates (drops) to follow. ​


The genesis release illustrates the connectivity between nature and man, the old and new, the physical and the digital. Leveraging expressive techniques only available in the digital domain, the esprit of Japanese artistry is reanimated through lights once only imaginable, towards printable and displayable media. As a medium of collectable digital art, NGCWorld's latest creations embrace the beginning of an inter-cultural journey.

Apr. 17


Kiriko Card

The "Kiriko Card" itself is the world's first metaverse-ready Edo-Kiriko art, and act as proof to your future ownership of a physical Edo-Kiriko creation by Nemoto Kosho. Every card has its own story and design, of unique, one of a kind attributes in relation with the physical work.  Therefore "Kiriko Card"s marks its value in both the physical and digital domains, and are ready to be traded, collected, and treasured. ​


The Edo-Kiriko art on the "Kiriko Card" represents the passage of tradition into a new layer of human territory, where it will coexist with future generations with indestructible, eternal characteristics, illustrating the path of Japanese cultural development in the coming era. In fact, the "Kiriko Card" is 300 percent more detailed than the currently exhibited physical pieces of art, and in daily devotion to artistic research, the card is a representation of modern day shape to be shifted for metaverse utility in the coming phases. ​


Ownership of the "Kiriko Card" is a representation of a being with a passion for art that is interconnected between the past, the future, the real, and the meta. In each step forward, we will share exclusive experiences with card holders to relay the vision and nature of Japanese artisanship, to cherish a truly connected community.

Early May



We'd like to welcome "Kiriko Card" owners to join us in person in Tokyo for the most unique and cared experience  we can share. We will walk through the history of Edo-Kiriko, sharing each finding and preservation we have challenged to carry on the Japanese cultural art, Show you the perfect way to treat the article, discuss the brightest of potential future we have over a drink with your new crystal glass.




International delivery will be available soon to the "Kiriko Card" holders who wishes to receive the physical art outside of Japan.


Your claimable package include (1) Edo-Kiriko cut-glass art (2) Guarantee letter of authentication, sealed, printed and handwritten, by the artist (3) Premium handcrafted portable case made of the highest quality natural Japanese wood, dyed by culturally authentic craftsmen with traditional  lacquer treatment. Exclusively available towards high-end model owners.


new collection


Kosho and Daniel are in the midst of preparing the next reveals of the Eternally collection. We will be releasing some of the most stunningly intricate designs of Edo-Kiriko to date, with innovative digital art and experiences, and welcoming a new club of owners of the prestige cultural art.

Coming soon



The Eternally collection will be visible through various web and virtual galleries, presenting its art from different angles of technology driven advances, the brand NGCWorld will begin to establish its first collection's storyline, presenting digital footprints on the blockchain economy.

Advance access pass and AMA sessions, art release party invitation will be sent to Kiriko, digital art and card owners.

Whitelist for special 3D project releases on Discord and for Gallery visitors.




The goal of shaping a metaverse exhibition by NGCWorld is to establish genuine, unbreakable link between historical artisanship and the cutting edge of creative innovation. Discover the many arts created, curated, and collaborated with NGCWorld and our respected communities of creators in a virtual world, see you in the metaverse!

Owners of our Kiriko, digital art, and cards will receive VIP invitations.
Your art card may be updated as part of the exhibition to enhance in artistic or utility value as a result of our progress. For examle: art card may at one point shapeshift into a utility Kiriko glass to match your metaverse lifestyle. To inform you of the most recent updates in Japanese traditional art, as well as serve as a pass to private metaverse bars.


The Eternally collection roadmap

The NGCWorld project & community roadmap

Linking the edges of cultures

The Eternally collection starts with expression of the heart and soul of Japanese artisanship. Developed over a year of effort, the project shares some of the most beautiful artistic achievement of the far east.


Embracing natural beauty, the driven inspirations often surpass what words can illustrate,  the two unique digital artworks links together the essential power for mankind to express and create. 


by Kosho Nemoto and Daniel Chen